Prof. Yuji Noguchi
Affiliation:Research and Education Institute for Semiconductors and Informatics


e-mail: ynoguchi[at]

Assoc. Prof. Hiroki Matsuo
Affiliation:International Organization for Advanced Science and Technology (IROAST)


e-mail: matsuo_h[at]

Assis. Prof. Yukana Terasawa
Affiliation:Electric and Electronic Materials, Division of Information and Energy, Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology


e-mail: terasawa[at]


Doctor’s course (D1)

  • Seiyu Aso
    Research theme: Design of high-energy-density capacitors using antiferroelectric materials
  • Master’s course (M2)

    • Kotaro Saito
      Research theme: Development of ferroelectrics with high defect concentration
    • Suzunosuke Noguchi
      Research theme: Fabrication of electrically-enhanceable polar ceramics
    • Yasuaki Honda
      Research theme: Control of defect dipoles for functional design of ferroelectrics
    • Master’s course (M1)

      • Rinnin Kou
        Research theme: Design of high-energy-density capacitors using antiferroelectric materials
      • Keishi Takamiya
        Research theme: Control of domain structures in ferroelectric epitaxial thin films
      • Yuki Maeda
        Research theme: Synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid ferroelectric thin films
      • Undergraduate Students (B4)

        • Taisei Adachi
          Research theme: Domain structure response in PMN-PT piezoelectric single crystal by AC polarization process
        • Taiki Iihoshi
          Research theme: Synthesis and structure control of epitaxial barium titanate ferroelectric thin films
        • Yusuke Okada
          Research theme: Development of ferroelectric ceramics for energy storage using defect dipoles
        • Kazuma Sakoda 
          Research theme: Electric-field response of polar structures in BF-BT lead-free piezoelectric ceramics
        • Ren Nishinosono
          Research theme: Synthesis of new lead-free organic-inorganic hybrid ferroelectrics
        • Yamato Fukutsuka
          Research theme: Development of a phenomenology of bismuth-based ferrielectrics
        • Hayate Murayama
          Research theme: Development of chiral ferroelectric thin films
        • Sei Yamaguchi
          Research theme: Correlation of optical and electrical properties in chiral ferroelectric single crystals